Lets Hear it For the Girls

Sportsgirl Black Singlet/ JUNK Clothing Floral Skirt/ Friend of Mine Boots/ Ray Ban Aviators

There is nothing I love more than going out for drinks and dancing with my girls. Melbourne has so many great clubs and 'hole in the wall' bars to get lost in, the choices are endless.

I have a few regular haunts that I go to in Melbourne including Motel Nightclub in South Melbourne (my favourite), occasionally Baroq, Pawn & Co for cocktails and Naked for Satan in Fitzroy. 
These places are very different to each other so I will always plan ahead with the girls and then my outfit choice follows. 

There are some great trends for the autumn/winter season which anyone can adopt for a fashionable night out. Oxblood anything is the colour of the moment, on lips, skirts, dresses and leather. Winter Florals; these are florals with a darker colour palette and moodier tone. Pinstripes, camouflage and white are also very in season. So when outfit planning take this into account, start with a basic block colour and then add your favourite patten or print to it. 

In the above pic, I have teamed a basic black singlet with a floral A-line skirt and some stacked chunky boots, throw an oversized black suit jacket on my shoulders and I've got my outfit for the night! 

I can't stress enough that planning ahead is key for a successful night out. Look at Melbourne's fickle weather for the evening ahead and dress for YOUR 'comfort zone' there is nothing more appealing than seeing a woman wearing her outfit confidently!

Last before least, my most important tip is wear comfortable heels (roadtest before your night out) as there is nothing worse than walking out of a club/bar with your heels in hand and dirty feet and yes I am talking from experience, lol!   ;) 

Lis xx

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Adoration: Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant, my absolute favourite designer of ALL time....seriously! 

Here are my favourite looks from her latest collection which has taken my breath away and I must have. It's safe to say I'm buying some of these pieces as they are classic, black and timeless therefore worth the spend!! 

Also as winter is fast approaching Melbourne I am opting for a monochrome wardrobe of black and white this winter with the occasional injection of greys as this has become one of my favourite colour palettes for Melbourne's winter season.


Date Ready

Wish Reverse Jumpsuit/ Ray Ban Aviators/ Tony Bianco Heels

Dating at the best of times can be tricky, let alone THE first date outfit. 

I like to wear something simple yet classic as you are still getting to know the person and it's better to be neutral like Switzerland than go in, in a blaze of glory all tizzed up and over done or worse under dressed and too casual! 

Melbourne is full of so many great restaurants, bars and outdoor events that getting the right outfit can sometimes be a challenge. Try and find out where you are going first and then plan from there. 

I find it is always best to stay true to your style when going on a first date but with a slight twist. If you regularly read my posts you will know that I prefer ripped denim, rocker tees and lots of leather. Now this I would still wear on a first date, but I will tailor it to suit the environment I'm going too, ie. I don't think ripped denim with my knees hanging out are appropriate for a fine dining restaurant! 

The wish reverse jumpsuit is a perfect choice as a first date outfit. It's black (my favourite colour), classic, but still edgy with a backless feature making it easy to take from dinner to dance floor and it suits every body shape with it's always flattering wide leg pant. Add a leather jacket to it and I have my rocker vibe.....still. 

Remember when on a first date it's always important to be yourself, not too available, laugh, have fun and always have a backup plan with a girlfriend if you need to do a runner! Lol ;) 



Like a Rabbit

Wearing: Sportsgirl Muscle Tee/ Junk Clothing Denim Shorts/ Jeffery Campbell Boots/ Le Specs Sunglasses

Lunch with the girls can be interesting, especially if your like me and have a diverse group! My girls are the best and I love spending time with them.
Lunching with them involves somewhere relaxed with music, an extensive wine list and most importantly amazing food! Living in Melbourne we are spoilt for choice, which comes to my second statement, sometimes my 'girlfriends' can be also be 'guy friends' as I have equal amounts of both, so I am always accommodating to both sexes! :) 

Dressing for this occasion is simple for me....something comfortable and edgy but something I can also dress up with the quick heeled boot or block heel, taking me from daytime into night (thats how long our lunches can go for!) 

Denim shorts are perfect for this type of 'lunching'  as they are casual and comfortable and easy to match with a basic tee (I am all for basics, I'm their #1 fan!) 
Mixing prints is fine, but I tend to opt for a basic during the day and when I'm out for lunch as Melbourne has a relaxed feel, especially during summer. 

Black is my colour of choice as if I spill anything on it I can sneakily rub it in and not look like a mess for the remainder, haha (We have ALL done it once or twice....or thrice in my case) 

So ladies, my 3 basic/failsafe tips for lunches in Melbourne are;

                                                  1. Always take into account what type of place you are going to (Google is your 'bestie')
                                                  2. Dress for your comfort
                                                  3. Smile, laugh and never eat like a rabbit



Working It

Wearing: MLM Ritchie Tee/ CO by Cotton on Ripped BF Jeans/ Jeffrey Campbell Heels/ Vintage Flannie/ Rayban Aviators

Hello! what a hectic start to the year it has been, january has already flown by!

Ripped Denim, love it or hate it, (my parents think I can't afford proper jeans lol) but its everywhere and I love it. Think of it this way if you live in Melbourne especially where the weather can go from melting to freezing in an afternoon, you've pretty much got it sorted. Holes for a breeze in the heat and pant legs if it turns cold!

Im a very relaxed dresser as you have no doubt seen in my previous posts, I tend to opt for black,
leather, denim and a small range in colour palette (Black, Black, Black, White, Grey and the
occasional burst of colour) These jeans speak for themselves, affordable, great fit and colour and a perfect Melbourne staple!

ps. Im Team Ritchie all the way too!

** Follow the links to find the items I am wearing in this post  xx


Double D

Wearing: Cotton On denim Shirt/ Mink Pink Shorts/ Nike Dunks/ Ray Ban Aviators

Welcome 2014! 

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Here is my first post for this year and its Double Denim.

Now if you asked me previous to the last 3 ish years whether I would team denim and denim together, I would have probably said 'no', but lo and behold its all the rage right now and has been for a little while. 

As my love for denim borders on obsessive (I have about 100+ denim items in my wardrobe currently) I am finding more and more ways to wear denim and denim together. This look above has to be the easiest as its casual and can be worn to just about any occasion in summer, change the Nike Dunks to a pair of heels and a cute clutch and a night time outfit you have!


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Wearing: Unif Celize Bag Tee/ Ruby Sees All Leather Skirt/ Wittner Bayard Heels/ Ray Ban Mirrored Wayfarers 

Melancholia: Dictionary meaning; gloomy forebodings. 

Ive aptly named this post Melancholia as just because we (Southern Hemisphere) are in summer doesn't mean we have to wear bright summery colours. As seen by many designers such as Erdem, Comme Des Garçons and Louis Vuitton all opting for a dark, edgier, moody tones on the runway.

This suits me to a tee...surprise, surprise! I often see and hear so many people upgrading their wardrobes just because summer has hit and buying lots and lots of colourful outfits to go with that summery vibe, I'm not saying colourful is not fashionable and you shouldn't wear it, I'm just saying try something a bit different and opt for a darker edge this summer. It allows you to keep some of your winter staples and wear them throughout summer but with a cropped tee or singlet, allowing you to re use, recycle and still stay fashion forward.


                         * Find this amazing Ruby Sees All Leather skirt at The Enabler


All that Glitters is Gold

Wearing: Fluxus Basic Tee/ Hunt No More Pants/ Windsor Smith Gillie Heels/ Ray Ban Aviators/ Spell designs ring/ Lovisa skull ring/ CC Skye Chunky Weave Bracelet

Festive Season is here, and what better way to celebrate with a pair of glitter pants! I love black, you all know that, so im not going to go on in this post about how amazing a colour it is. These pants by Label Hunt No More are the perfect balance for me as it mixes in black with gold sequins, making it perfect for the party season! I can dress these pants up with heels or even wear them with a pair of converse white chucks a basic black/white racer back singlet and wear it casually.....perfect!! Works in my book as im ticking off all the boxes; black, get a lot of wear out of, can style the hell out of it and it looks and drapes anybody shape easily!


** Click the links above to buy or check out where I get some of these amazing pieces from xx


She's With Me

Wearing: Ethen Leather Blasted Cami/ MLM Borderline Pant/ ASOS heels

Thank lord the spring racing carnival is over! I ventured to Stakes day and Melbournes weather was not kind, gale force winds, 14 degrees and I think I flashed my underwear to half of the Birdcage! haha
Anyway life is kind of getting back to normaility and this is my first post for my collaboration with The Enabler, which is one of the best online stores going around.

MLM, Cameo, Finders Keepers, Ethen Leather and much more are all stocked on this great website, shipping is next day and the site is easy to browse making shopping a cinch! (Kinda good but also kinda bad, as I spend most of my paycheck in one hit, resulting in me eating baked beans for dinner!) Do yourself a favour and get online and check it out and also keep your eyes peeled for more of my work with The Enabler for outfit inspo heading into summer.


                                                          Check out The Enabler HERE


Wish Style Challenge Round 2

Round 2 of the Wish Style Challenge and look what I have chosen....another pretty maxi dress! Maybe this 'pretty/girlie' dressing I can do?!

I was humbled to be asked to take part again in this great competition styling a piece from the Castaway Collection. I chose the Diamond Maxi Dress as it embraced that boho, gypsy vibe and had the on trend geometric cut outs featured on the dress. Going into summer here in Oz, its the perfect addition as its simple, floaty and perfect to style anyway you like, giving you multiple looks within the same dress and will not break the bank....which is 'winning' in my book!


P.s. Just a little note that I thought you guys might like to know, shooting in the bush looks pretty and you get amazing shots but holy moly, nature, snakes and bugs got me freaking out and running out of the grass, looking like a total mad woman. Haha (glad it didnt show in the pics featured above!)

                                                            Check out Wish Here