High on life.....or therabouts

                   (Images via Pinterest, Tumblr and Google)

So after 4 years of writing this blog, I needed a break. So many things got to me, you can say life, personal pressures, work, and just day to day mundane living!

It got me thinking about everything, where I am in life, what I feel, what really inspires me?
It took me 8 months to be able to write this post, I haven't wanted to look at my blog for so long as I felt, 'whats the point'. Life can really get to us everyday and we can feel lost in the magnitude that is 'trying to fit the mould'. I would be pretty certain in saying that all of us have been there and have felt so overwhelmed with our own existence, that the thought of running away to some far away place and changing our name would help solve the problem of 'normality'.

The above pictures are my inspirational online 'mood board', what I'm loving right now, what I'm feeling, my inspiration in fashion and what is getting me back to the best version of me. It is a starting block for all my new posts going forward.

I feel like I have finally woken up from a foggy, uninspired existence in the last 8 months to realise I am the one holding the cards to my life and its up to me to do the things that make me happy.... my own way!

Lisa xx


Have You Heard

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Trench coat/ Cotton On basic tee/ One Teaspoon Shorts/ Wittner Boots 
Ray Ban Round Sunglasses

Round is the new square, or so it seems! I have to say that I am definitely a brand loyalist, as I share a continuing love for Ray Ban Aviators.

At last count I had about 11 different pairs, slightly crazy, yes, but when you find a style thats classic, iconic and survives countless attempts of being squashed in its entirety by my rear, I find it hard to argue a better 'must have'.

Fashion is cyclical and as far as the current trends go, round sunglasses are everywhere.
As much as they were the defining ingredient in many outfits of the 60's, I mean, who can forget John Lennon's penchant for them.
This season finds them back again, adorning some of the most stylish throughout Paris, London and New York.

So I think its time we step away from the safety of the aviators and pick up a fresh pair of round sunnies for the summer season.

Lis xx

** Vision Direct have the most extensive range and I find they are the most affordable, making this purchase even more justifiable. ;)

                  For my exact sunglasses click on the link ----> Ray Ban Round Sunglasses


Round She Goes

Wearing: H&M Trench-Mac Coat/ Etrê Cécile Jumper/ Bassike Stripped Tee/ Lee Jeans/ Witchery OTK Boots/ Sportsgirl woolf Sunglasses /ASOS Fringed Suede Backpack

Melbourne, spring! Time to put away the coats and jumpers and put on the tees embracing the endless amounts of sunshine!

Ah....nope, not as yet ladies!
As most of the Melbournites' would know there are many days during spring where it is still cold, miserable and the 'random' sideways rain shower is to be expected, if not guaranteed.

Trench/Duster or Mac Coats are the perfect solution to this unique Melbourne weather phenomenon. These little babies literally march in to save us from the "4 Seasons in one day" kind of weather we are notorious for, shielding us from majority of the untoward weather situations thrown at us.

Versatility, style and classic appeal that will never date, balancing out almost every outfit combination known to woman, is the other major reason why you should not walk but run to add one of these  coats to your wardrobe, as not having one would be a crime.

                                                                       Lis xx


Byron Escape

                                                                                                                                                              Wearing: Bonds Cardi/ Junk Clothing Wasted Youth Jumpsuit/ Converse Rubber All Stars/ Ray Ban Aviators

Yes I got out of Melbourne for a well deserved 'escape'. As much as the weather man has been saying its been the warmest winter in Melbourne for awhile, I beg to disagree! Im not sure if I'm becoming too 'soft' or I need to move but I'm seriously over Melbourne's winter....its time to defost!

Byron Bay would have to be my favourite place in Oz as I love the lifestyle, beaches, food and vibe this place has. It speaks to my inner boho hippie, as there is nothing I love more than kicking back, listening to music by the beach with friends. I think having a simple life is so important!

The wonderful team at Junk Clothing were kind enough to send me some outfits for my Byron escape and the Wasted Youth Jumpsuit that I'm wearing is one of my favourite pieces from the upcoming collection, so easy to throw on and get that boho byron vibe as the days are creeping closer to summer.



Heads and Tails

Wearing: Cotton On Cropped Jumper/ Uniqlo Striped Shirt/ ASOS Leather Skirt/ Wittner 'Tanya' Boots/ Ray Ban Aviators

Layering pieces in winter to show off different patterns,textures and the tails/sleeves of a simple shirt is a great way to up the ante on this classic look.

I love the three different textures to this outfit, adding ribbed, muted stripes and leather together. Experimenting with textures can be fun and it adds a different element to your outfit.
Just don't go too crazy, try keep it within a similar colour palette so it balances and compliments each other and you can't go wrong.

                                                           Lis xx